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Strong exercise recording and big data analysis function allow you to find the real you.


Accurate positioning and tracking as well as more optimized algorithm help you to record running distance, used time, speed allocation, stride frequency and running consumption, and let you witness the process of constant growth while enjoying the most professional exercise method.


The positioning and tracking algorithm for riding guarantees better power saving effect of long-distance riding while keeping accurate recording. Apart from recording of distance, used time, speed per house, consumption and other indicators, it can also record the altitude change during your riding so that you can grasp the most authoritative and accurate riding data.

Discover Read Challenge

In here, you will find interesting topics, discover exercise problem-solving methods in "Read", and participate in various exquisitely prepared competitions and challenges to win the honor belong to you.

The exercise community will be the best partner when you challenge yourself. It can be used to share your pains and happiness during exercise, receive others' encourages and recognition. All exercise lovers worldwide will fight with you side by side.



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