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Community Management System

This community regulation is made by Again team to create a positive fitness community. Again will render a united management against all registered users of, and content published on, Again, in accordance with terms hereof. Again's users may not violate any national laws and regulations during his application of the software. In case of any violation, the management measures to be adopted by the software include without limitation, deleting the content published by the user, freezing his account or terminating the right of such registered user to apply Again. 

Any doubt or dispute against the understanding and execution hereof may be informed through the [help and feedback] function of Again, and we will interpret or settle it according to related rules. 

I. Definition of Violating Behavior 

1.Again users own the right to publish information when applying Again, provided that the following violating content shall be prohibited:

 Violate the constitution of China or any Chinese law and regulation; 

 Endanger Chinese national security, disclose any state secret, overturn the national political power, or undermine the state unity; 

 Damage any Chinese national honor or interest; 

 Incite national hatred, ethnic discrimination or destroy national unity; 

 Incite regional discrimination, racial discrimination, regional hatred; 

 Damage any national religious policy, advocate any heresy and superstition; 

 Spread any rumor, disturb the social order, and damage social stability;

 Spread any obscenity, eroticism, gamble, violence, murder, terror or abet a crime; 

 Insult or slander others, encroach on others' any lawful right; 

 Render a violence intimidation, threat or a cyber manhunt to others; 

 Spread any private information of a juvenile under 18 without a written consent of the statutory guardian of such juvenile; 

 Spread bestial words and damage the public order and good custom of the society; 

 Infringe others' any intellectual property right; 

 Spread any commercial advertisement or similar commercially soliciting information; 

 Spread any other information that any Chinese law, regulation or rule forbids to be spread.

2.Publish any pornographic or obscene information, which is mainly appeared as: 

(1) Obscene: specifically describing sexual behavior or baldly spreading pornographic and licentious information (such as detailed description of sexual organs, sexual behaviors and sexual psychology). 

(2) Eroticism: pictures and videos showing "three points", and pictures, texts, videos meaning, implying eroticism, provoking and arising others' similar feeling; 

3.Publish advertising information for the purpose of profit-making, influencing other users' experience and disturbing the community order of Again, or other related behaviors, which is mainly appeared as: 

(1)Repeatedly publishing similar content (including but not limited to publishing dynamic status or commenting); 

(2)  Own several accounts, or work with several accounts seeking an improper exposure; 

(3)Buying or selling accounts, thumb-ups or comments, or other transactions disturbing the community order; 

(4)Frequently sending advertising information or false prize-winning information to others; 

4.Information related to money swindle, which is mainly appeared as: 

(1)  Defraud other users' money through making up the fact or concealing the truth; 

(2)  Perform defraud behaviors in such names as a disaster relief donation. 

5.Unfriendly or uncivilized extreme behaviors, which is mainly appeared as: 

(1)  Harassment: repeatedly send repeated or similar appeals to others through commenting or @ them, or tease persons of the same or opposite sex with indecent and obscene words; 

(2)  Abuse: make a negative comment to others with uncivilized words; 

(3)  Humiliation: harm others or belittle others' status with insulting words; 

(4)  Discrimination: attack others for their status or classification including nationality, nation, race, religion, sexual orientation, sex, age, territory, physiological feature; 

(5)  Provocation: Provoke others in an unfriendly manner with an intention to make others respond such opinions to deliberately make troubles; 

(6)  Uncivilized behavior: release or comment some opinions uncomfortable for others, or quarrel with or even abuse others due to different opinions that they are holding, which shall be deemed as an uncivilized behavior. 

6. Information affecting users' experience or disturbing the community order of Again, or malicious behavior affecting the operation security, including but not limited to: 

(1)  Pretend to be the official account of staff within the Again station or its related services; 

(2)  Pretend to be others, or imply to be equal or related to others through others' personal information such as image or account name; 

(3)  Infringe any intelligent property of Again, publish, use, spoof its images and content; 

(4)  Publish any content containing phishing website, Trojan, virus website link and other related content; 

(5)  Publish related content containing potential danger or stealing users' privacy; 

(6)  Carelessly report any user without any violating behavior. 

II. Ways to Dispose Violating Behavior

Again will discover any violating behavior through self-discovery and reception of users' reports. The user may use the [Report] function to report any behavior and user suspected to be violating. 

All violation-related information will be directly disposed by management staff of the Again community according to the regulation. The account will receive the following punishments once it is considered as a violation against the community regulation: 

(1)  As for any user violating the regulation above, Again will adopt such management measures as warning, deletion of related content or permanent closing the account. Meanwhile, the comment suspected to be illegal and criminal will be filed and truthfully reported to competent governmental sectors. 

(2)  Where any user publishes any politically sensitive, pornographic and indecent, money swindling, advertising harassment, user dispute and other violating information in dynamic commenting area, article commenting area and topic commenting area, such account will be frozen upon verification, or even be permanently closed if such violation is serious. 

(3)  Where any user violates the regulation to publish any information infringing any lawful right of a third party, causing Again to be judged to make a compensation for the infringed party, Again remains its right to legally pursue a recovery from such user. 


III. Supplementary Provisions

(1)  The official side of Again will not intervene any user's application of Again in case that he does not violate any related management regulation. 

(2)  All terms hereof is based on the principle of conformance to national laws and regulations. In case of any inconformity, national laws and regulations shall prevail for interpretation. Any practical right and obligation of a user arisen from his application of Again shall be protected and subject to national laws and regulations, and User Agreement of Again

(3)  Again will constantly improve the regulation and timely disclose it to the public. Where a user disagrees on the modified content, he shall immediately suspend to login or apply Again and its services. Where the user continues to apply Again and its services, it will be deemed as an acceptation of such change to the service term. 

IV. Warm Prompt

There are many friends who love sports and fitness in the Again community, and also certain published content and related opinions that you couldn't appreciate or disagree, we suggest browse them with a tolerating and fun-sharing attitude. If you don't want to see such content or opinions, you may choose not to see them, to avoid any unnecessary dispute or displeasure caused by opinion difference or divergence. Only in this way can we feel the charm and fun of fitness here, and the positive atmosphere brought by the mutual respect. 

Again cannot well develop without your feedbacks and suggestions. If you have any good opinion and suggestion, you may send them to us through the [Help and Feedback] function of Again. Again will seriously check each message and give a reply as soon as possible.